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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions we receive. Feel free to contact us for every informations you should need. We are happy to help You!


Virtual Tours are simulation of an actual existing location, where you can pan around 360 degrees (horizontally and vertically). Its the next best thing to being there personally, as you can virtually walk through room, facilities and real estate location using only your computer and/or browser. We can also add Virtual reality objects where you can rotate any object virtually. This is good for product presentations online Virtual Tours can be added on an existing website, or can be viewable from a CD or DVD where internet connection may not be available. This is how potential clients can view and appreciate the virtual tours. We can also produce panoramic photos if printed material would be needed. Our Virtual tours are compatible for all platforms PC, MAC, Ipad/Iphone, Android smartphones. Totally HTML5.

Yes, we help clients upload the Virtual tours in their websites and/or link it to their main navigation. We are experienced web developers too beside being VR photographers.

Yes. We use fish eye lens and panoramic heads(for tripods) and use several other specialized softwares to come up with the virtual tours.


Virtual Tour projects may be different from other projects, because of existing photographic conditions. For example it will be a lot different shooting a VR from a top of the mountain from a VR in a hotel interior. Contact us at for pricing details.

Yes, it includes everything except travel costs. Travel costs vary from project to project and they are usually shouldered by the client. Travel cost are free when projects are within Metro Manila, Philippines. Virtual tours within nearby provinces (in the Philippines) are charged reasonably. We have specific plans in our Price list page, You will find there the tour that suites Your needs.